High Mountain Healing

The mountain looks different from the other side.

Life coach, author and visual artist 

Chenin West has worked in mind body medicine 

for over two decades.

Chenin uses many different modalities of altered state therapies; including Shamanism, Hypnosis, Energy Work 

and Rapid Eye Therapy to assist her clients who may be 

struggling with anxiety, stress, trauma or addiction. 

Whether you are exposed to reoccurring trauma in real time, such as a first responder or you are 

experiencing post-event stress.

Chenin's practical, down to earth approach will gentle guide you toward new levels of self awareness and stress relief.


The intent of each healing session is to 

inform, resolve and empower.


Hypnotherapy uses skilled verbal communication to shut down the monkey chatter and by pass ones critical thinking. The conscious mind is in-charge of mental illness. This mind keeps us 

stuck in negative patterns. 

When the conscious mind is allowed to relaxed through hypnosis, this allows the unconscious mind to access new and positive ideas and reprogram similar to a computer.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis...

Chenin uses exercises in imagination, progressive relaxation, guided meditation to produce positive results. 

100.00 per hour

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Rapid Eye Therapy 

RET works to release the emotional attachment to negative memories that are stored in the neuropathways of the brain. 

This storage is known as the Neurolinguistic Program or the language of the mind.

During an RET session the client is directed in rapid eye movement, blinking and verbal suggestions.

Though the client is awake and aware the brain believes it is in REM sleep and begins to process the suggested imagery at a cellular level, resulting the "replacement" of negative self defeating behavior with a new, 

Positive Way of Thinking, 

Acting and BEING.

Session Fee  100.00


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Energy Work

Archaeologists and historians have found references to energy work techniques dating back to 

over 10,000 years. 

Energy Medicine is currently used by medicine people on every continent

The body is bioenergetic and seeks to maintain balance. Energy work is a form of healing through intention working with the chakras (energy centers) and meridians of the body. 

At the basis of Chenin studies are effective bodywork techniques 

that include the practice of 

Energy work not limited to 

Chi Gong and Reiki teachings.

Session Fee 100.00

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Healing Work 


Our Dead or Dying

 Ancestors are essential and the most important allies of a 

Shaman in their healing practice.

A healer understands that on the other side of life there is only life; that death is simply a doorway through which each of us must pass on our endless journey.

People who know they are 

dying can benefit greatly with foreknowledge by learning

 to journey to the 

“other side”

 before they die.

These journeys help remove a person’s fear of death 

and the unknown. 

After a journey, clients often explain that they have meet and spoken to relatives or friends who have already crossed over and are waiting to welcome them home.

By practicing moving between the different worlds and realities, a person is able to pass on more easily and comfortably when 

their time comes.

During a session, I listen carefully to messages from your loved ones on the other side, and to my own ancestors and guides.

I don't predict your future.

I do see beyond the veil 

of the physical.

By journeying to the spirit of the person who has died, the shaman is in a position to help relay a message or assist the soul to accept their physical death and if they have not yet... ultimately help them to “cross over”.

As a healer, I also work closely with surviving family members who may be holding on to the spirit of the deceased due to their feelings of loss and grief.

Session Fee 100.00

 per hour

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House/Site Clearing  

Space Clearing is a method used to cleanse and clear any energetic disturbances or imbalance. 

The spaces and places we inhabit or belongings we possess, can hold 

a negative energetic imprint 

from the past. 

Often negative energies are present because of unresolved conflict or suffering of the individuals inhabiting the space past or present. 

When old energy is stuck in our homes, the people that live their can feel stuck as well.

Disembodied spirits are energies of the dead that have not crossed over. They remain here in the middle world suffering, or with 

an intention. 

This energy may cause disruption for attention or to protect their perceived  territory.  

A shaman will assist the energy 

to move out of the space and into the light. 

Clearings are done with the 

utmost respect, while honoring your belief system. 

This work is always done with the

 highest integrity and with a safe and compassionate intention.

Session Fee 100.00 

per hour

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Life Coaching

Life coaching sessions will focus on your personal issues relating to blocks that may be stunting your personal, professional and or creative growth.

During a session we will work with a range of proven methods including NLP, RET, art therapy,

guided imagery and many others inspiring techniques.

Session Fee 

100 per hour

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The word Shaman originates from the Tungus tribe of Siberia. 

It is defined as “One Who Sees in the Dark”. 


Trauma, addiction and illness can make us vulnerable to outside energies. Our personal energy field does what it can to protect us. 

Like magnets we can draw negative energies into our fields to

fill the voids in our selves.

These energies are fundamentally incompatible with you and compete for your life-force.

Each clients experience is different. The release of the intrusive energy allows it to return to its natural place and its natural state of being, away from you.

Session Fee 100.00

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Soul Retrieval 

It has been said that when we suffer part of our soul leaves our body so that we don't have 

to feel so much pain. 

Modern day psychology calls this disassociation. In shamanism we understand that part of the soul leaves the body and enters another territory or non ordinary reality. There it waits until someone intervenes in the spiritual realms and facilitates its return.

Soul retrieval focuses on locating, recovering and re-integrating lost

parts of the self that may have

been lost due to trauma.

Soul loss may occur through neglect, abuse, or any traumatic event. 

A person may sense a feeling of  fragmentation, feeling lost or depressed... Parts may feel dead or numb. Or as if we are a passenger in our own body.

Through Soul Retrieval a 

Shaman returns fragmented pieces of the soul to the client, 

restoring wholeness and 

peace of mind. 

Session Fee 100.00

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Wedding Ceremony

Skilled in the writing and development of both traditional and nontraditional ceremonies, Rev. Chenin West offers insightful dedication to you on your special day. As a Non-Denominational Ordained Minister,

Chenin honors all belief systems .

Whether your wish is a traditional ceremony, quiet elopement, vow renewal, or same sex marriage,

Chenin offers experience and insight to you on your special day.

Ceremonies are preformed at the local location of your choice. 

This includes your private consultation, personal writing service, the officiation of your ceremony and legalization of your 

marriage license.

Wedding Ceremony

Base fee $260.00

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