A message from Chenin West MRET, CHt.

My approach is intuition, empathic and genuine. I have provided supportive, solution-focused treatment for men and women for over two decades. I find that each person responds differently to therapy, therefore my practice is not a one size fits all. I specialize in recovery after trauma (PTSD). Not limited to accident recovery, physical, mental and spiritual abuse issues. Also Compassion Fatigue, or burn out as commonly experienced by Clergy, First Responders and Health Care Providers. I have worked with many people who don’t necessarily fit a diagnostic label, but seek behavioral change, decision-making help, or assistance with life transitions. When clients work in Altered States of Consciousness (ASC), the human mind immediately activates the brains natural need for positive resolution (survival). During a session, the mind reaches a new and informed conclusion about the past (trauma). In turn, this conclusion or closure, leads to personal empowerment. The memories of negative, disruptive messages become a light thoughts, instead of a constant, heavy interruption of ones day to day life.


Certifications/Licensing; Hypnotherapist, Master Rapid Eye Therapist, Reiki Master, Reflexologist, and Licensed Massage Practitioner.


The choice is yours.